What does your taste in food say about your personality?

Don’t understand people who eat cold chocolate? Disgusted when you see friends eating a "bloody" steak or hard-boiled eggs? It's because you're  "programmed" differently from them.

 Buffet of food (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Buffet of food
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Each person has unique characteristics that make him or her who he or she is, but there are also general character traits that many people share and influence them in many ways. Now, psychologists are trying to connect the dots among popular foods to understand what they show about human nature. Here are some of their strange conclusions — which you may not be happy about.

1. How fast are you eating?

Dr. Julia Hormes is a psychologist who specializes in nutrition research. In an interview with the British Huffington Post, she explained that our eating rate may shed light on our character traits. She said, “People who tend to eat slowly usually like to be in control and know to appreciate the small moments in life more.”

On the other hand, she noted that those who like to eat fast tend to be more ambitious yet also lack patience. These are also people who usually cope well with lots of tasks and are considered by others to be great partners in relationships due to the high levels of giving and dedication they show.

2. How do you like your eggs?

Do you like to eat hard-boiled eggs? Or do you prefer scrambled eggs, soft or more creative versions? In an interview with Fabulous magazine, psychologist Lee Chambers presented studies that show that people who like hard-boiled eggs are usually more patient, flexible and intelligent, while in the second group you’ll find stressed people who are more imaginative and energetic compared to hard-boiled egg lovers.

3. Steak: "Medium-Rare" or "Well Done"?

If you’re a meat lover, you probably feel that if the steak isn’t exactly the way you like it you won’t enjoy it, and you may decline to eat it. Your steak preference may signal your level of spontaneity. Studies show that people who prefer their rarer steaks tend to be more extroverted, creative and spontaneous, while those who like their meat more cooked will probably be less spontaneous, but will have more energy and a greater passion for what they do.

Cooking with JPost - marinated rib-eyes steak (credit: JPOST STAFF)Cooking with JPost - marinated rib-eyes steak (credit: JPOST STAFF)

4. How much junk do you eat?

We know that fast and processed foods harm our health but it seems to some of us that it's easier to avoid, while for others it’s like an addiction. An interesting study examined in depth the difference between these two groups. The study data show that people who can't stay away from junk food are more likely to suffer from impaired emotional stability and a low level of morality. Researchers noted that they’re considered less emotionally stable and less open to new experiences. Those who eat less junk, according to the study, achieved higher scores in all of these indices.

5. French fries: Crispy or thick?

We haven’t really investigated this matter, but we assume that many people worldwide love French fries in some form. Even those who prefer to avoid this food for obvious health reasons don’t hate it, and it’s considered one of the foods around which the positive consensus is relatively broad.

When talking about this favorite dish, one can divide its followers into two camps: Those who like thin and crunchy chips, and those who prefer thick slices of coarsely chopped potatoes. In this context, Hormes explains that choosing crispy chips can teach that you’re curious, fashionable and young at heart. Lovers of thick chips, she says, are often considered more diligent, conservative and loyal.

6. How burnt is your toast?

According to various psychological theories, practical and perfectionist people who are thought of as more focused and sociable will usually only toast a slice for a few minutes and remove it when it’s lighter and less crunchy. On the other hand, those looking for excitement, freedom and adrenaline will usually enjoy a brown, crispy or even burnt piece of toast.

In this context, we emphasize that even if you perceive yourself as an adventurous and special person who likes burnt toast, you should still be careful since studies have found that burnt food (yes, steak and chips too), may increase the risk of cancer.

7. Chocolate: From the fridge or the cabinet?

Like other foods on the list, most people like chocolate. Also, studies show that eating a bit of dark chocolate daily has health benefits.

Chambers explained in this context that the temperature of the chocolate you eat can reveal who you really are.

According to him, those who keep chocolate in the cabinet are usually dynamic and simple people who tend to cooperate better with others. Those who refrigerate it are perceived by others as visionary, cultural and inspiring.