New AI device monitors baby development and alerts parents to issues

LittleOne.Care's new device monitors the baby's sounds and movements and analyzes them to report development updates to parents.

 A baby (illustrative) (photo credit: PIXABAY)
A baby (illustrative)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

LittleOne.Care is developing an artificial intelligence device that will monitor babies and alert the parents to emergencies and developmental problems.

The device is designed to be attached to the baby's clothing as soon as they're born without being a nuisance to them.

The device will monitor and analyze sounds and movements the baby makes and offer conclusions about what the baby goes through throughout the day. The information will be organized in a log of the baby's feelings such as when they cried or laughed, when they heard music that made them move to it and when they reacted to stimulus.

Alerting to emergencies

The parents will thus also be notified of emergencies like when the baby is not receiving care of a suitable quality, which could help parents know if their child is being abused in their daycare. This could be significant considering the large number of daycares that have been closed down in the last year because of abuse.

 Baby sleeps in car (credit: INGIMAGE) Baby sleeps in car (credit: INGIMAGE)

Other alerts include when a baby is exposed to a large number of screens, is in a car to a location that doesn't make sense to the parent or when the device is removed.

Another significant use the device could have is to alert parents when they forget their children in a car which is a phenomenon that kills dozens of babies every year.

The data is intended to help parents through the crucial developmental stages of their babies' lives and will supply them with information to help them seek medical advice.

LittleOne.Care created the biggest database in the world of the different cries of babies. The cries are tagged by what caused them and compared to other types.