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Israeli first: Doctors separate heads of one-year-old conjoined twins

"This is a very rare operation, performed so far in the world only about 20 times and for the first time in Israel, on one-year-old babies."

Hundreds protest low salaries for daycare teachers

Teachers in subsidized daycares earn far less than those in locally-run daycares, leading to a shortage of manpower.

newborn babies jerusalem

Israel’s first babies of the new Jewish year 5782

The country’s first baby appears to have been born at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, just after candle lighting on Monday evening.

Cotton-Top Tamarin monkey twins born in Dubai conservatory

The Green Planet is Dubai's only in-door rainforest and works to conserve Cotton-top Tamarins.

Catching COVID in first, second trimester won’t harm baby - study

The study followed 55 women who contracted coronavirus during their first or second trimester of pregnancy to evaluate fetal well-being, growth and placental function, among other related factors.

Israeli hospital turns coronavirus ward into bomb-shelter neonatal unit

The neonatal unit is the first to be transferred in a secured area, but a spokesperson for the center explained that they have the capability to move up to 600 beds underground.

Good news for moms: Breastfeeding toddlers, infants at same time is OK

The researchers specifically examined the influence of nursing two offspring of different ages on the macronutrient content of the mother’s milk.

A baby sits up, hands out (Illustrative)

Scientist says human penises are shrinking due to pollution

Dr. Shanna Swan believes that most men will be unable to produce viable sperm by 2045.

Naturally conceived quadruplets born in Israel in 1/700,000 chance

Multiple births are usually the result of fertility treatments • "Every time they brought me a baby outside, and all I could think of was 'thank God that yet another baby is okay,'" their father said

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