New HIV/AIDS cases in Israel continue to decline

The decrease is reflected in all risk groups.

AIDS Ribbon (photo credit: REUTERS)
AIDS Ribbon
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The number of people in Israel found to have been infected with HIV continues to decline, with 385 new reported cases in 2016 compared to 412 in 2015 and 463 in 2014.
The Health Ministry said on Thursday that the statistics include people aged 15 and up. Dr. Daniel Chemtob, head of the tuberculosis and AIDS department in the ministry, said that the initial data of the National HIV Center indicate a continuing decline in the number of new cases for the third consecutive year. The decrease is reflected in all risk groups.
The ministry said it continues to run projects and interventions that are unique and tailored to the needs of all risk groups to prevent HIV/AIDS infection and disease.
The final data will appear in the annual epidemiological report published by department ahead of the World AIDS Day on December 1.