5 bereaved families say ‘yes' and save 16 lives

Lifesaving organs comprise 6 kidneys, a kidney/pancreas, a heart, five lungs and 2 livers.

Robert Fainaru 311 (photo credit: Judy Siegel Itzkovich)
Robert Fainaru 311
(photo credit: Judy Siegel Itzkovich)
Sixteen people aged 23 to 65 have received lifesaving organs from five deceased donors during the last five days, according to Israel Transplant. The organs comprised six kidneys, one kidney/pancreas, one heart, five lungs and two livers.
A family that agreed to donate was that of Robert Fainaru, a 60-year-old married man, the father of three and grandfather to a two-year-old toddler. An only child he came on aliya from Romania at 16 with his mother, who was abandoned by her husband. He served in the Israel Defense Forces and studied cinema in university. He then went on to work at Elbit as a hi-tech professional for the last 20 years. As his hobby was acting, he played several roles at the Haifa Theater and also took a course in medical clowning.
When Fainaru died suddenly and his family were asked for permission totake organizations by the hospital transplant coordinator, they did nothesitate, said Israel Transplant.
The 16 transplants were performed at Rambam, Sheba, Rabin, Tel Aviv Sourasky and Hadassah University Medical Centers.
Thosewho want to register as potential organ donors should call ADI at1-800-609-610 or go onto its Web site at www.health.gov.il/transplant.