Chief of staff Gantz to ask government for IDF budget increase of NIS 4.5 billion

Army will have to cut training if allocation isn't made, mostly affecting air force, land forces and reservists.

Benny Gantz looking cross (photo credit: IDF Spokesman )
Benny Gantz looking cross
(photo credit: IDF Spokesman )
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz is due to attend Wednesday’s cabinet debate, and will be presenting a re-organization scheme. He is expected to demand an additional NIS 4.5 billion ($1.28 billion) for the IDF's 2014 defense budget. 
If the new budget allocation cannot be made, Gantz said Sunday in an address to career Beduin soldiers, the army will have to continue cutting down its training and qualification programs. This will mostly affect the air force, land forces and reservists.
Since 2012, the IDF has fired 1,900 career soldiers, and will be firing an additional 2,100 career soldiers and 500 army employed civilians as well as shutting down entire units and squadrons.
The IDF has lashed out at the media for presenting career soldiers as enjoying fat salaries and benefits such as dentists, play school fees and vehicles. Twenty five percent of the serving career soldiers are receiving less than a minimum wage, claimed the IDF.
The IDF stated that budget adjustments will have to be made as soon as 2015 to maintain a good level of fitness.