A worldly Passover

Kenya Belize it? Passover is right around the corner, Raleigh!

Pagodas in Bagan, Burma (photo credit: ARIEL DOMINIQUE HENDELMAN)
Pagodas in Bagan, Burma
Oman! Kenya believe it? It’s Passover time again! Right after Purim, everyone starts Roman around the stores looking for bargains and a New Jersey or two. People are already Russian to clean their houses (which I Haiti do) and thinking about the Seder. My family always Wales that I need to relax before the holiday and I promise I am Ghana do so, but it’s a total Laos – Norway can I take it easy during this Taiwan of the year.
Kosovo I can go away for the holiday, but I explain to the family, every year, that this is a really Syria’s time (but don’t worry; Oslo down and relax afterwards).
Every year, Iraq my brains planning the Seder. Frankfurtly, I must admit I’ve often thought it would be nice Togo to a caterer… after all, you know how Hungary everyone gets. But I Raleigh Canada it all, of Kosovo I can! I change the dishes, clean from top to bottom, Polish the silverware and plan the menu, including a delicious Maine course of Turkey.
Last year, Iran around like crazy, but this Passover I am giving myself plenty of time to plan to prepare.
Belize me, I will Czech off everything from my list well beforehand. Iowa it to myself! On the morning of the Seder, we Burma the hametz.
Hopefully, it won’t be too Chile out. Andorra, Aunt Mali, Uncle Jordan and the Boise will be joining us and you Nevada know who else. I will put out my Passover China… Juneau some people never know if it Israel or fake… and we will Singapore or five songs from the Haggada after the kids search for the afikoman.
I love the Seder night, Beijing around the table with family and friends, and telling Astoria Passover Israeli a miracle, especially the plague to kill the Perth-born.
It’s amazing how the Israelites Honduras slavery until Moses led them to freedom. Cannes you just picture it? Danger is lurking around the corner when one day, Moses asked the slaves, “Tijuana freedom or not?” The Israelites agreed Aswan. “That would be Nice!” they cried in unison.
“Denmark my words. Ashkelon way to freedom and it’s already late. Now is the time to move!” “But you’re Athen young man!” cried a voice from the crowd. “Do you have the strength Toledo?” “I don’t Minsk any words,” replied Moses. “My answer is an absolute “Yes” but Yukon not take anything with you. As for food, you can Quebec a sort of bread on the way. Instead of ovens, the Hudson will do the baking.”
Moses led the Israelites over the Little Rock as they fled. Things were going well until they reached the Red Sea when Sofia suddenly cried out, “Oh no!” The group froze, staring at the swirling water in their path.
“We haven’t taken our bathing suits!” they shouted, except for the Israelites from Jo’Burg who hadn’t brought their swimming costumes.
They all huddled together, their Bali’s aching with fear as the Egyptian army came closer. And then, when they Canberra it no longer, the water of the Red Sea Sudanly parted, allowing the good guys to make it safely to the other side. As soon as the last Israelite was safe, the waters of the Red Sea swallowed the bad guys with one giant Gulf.
“Yemen! Yemen! The Egyptians were Oregon,” they yelled, as they gave each other a Haifa and lifted Moses on their shoulders as they danced with Seoul. “Uruguay! You’re a great guy! Have a Pisa matza! Here! Have Samoa, Havana -ther,” as they piled him their food while dancing fast, not Oslo. It was a Maryland indeed! Thus, the story of Passover, and today, as we Seattle down with family and friends to celebrate, or wherever you may Rome, may we all have a Sweden and peaceful holiday.