Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of August 23

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Good week for some serious thinking and brainstorming.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
SAGITTARIUS (FIRE) NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21 This is a good time for reaching out to someone you really trust and asking for help. For far too long you have been carrying the responsibility and work on your own two shoulders, and the time has come to share the load. When speaking with a fire sign, remember to give this person the respect that is due to them.
You won’t be sorry.
HINT: Money and financial matters continue to be on your mind, as you continue to consider expanding your business or position at work.
SCORPIO (WATER) OCTOBER 24-NOVEMBER 20 For the present, keep your thoughts to yourself and let things unfold naturally.
Time spent alone will help you find the emotional quiet space you have been looking for, and will give you a chance to recharge and regain some of your strength. For those of you who have been traveling a lot lately, take a step back and use the time to upgrade your notes and organize some of the paperwork that has been piling up on your desk.
HINT: A conversation with an earth sign will help you see things from a different perspective and the more time you spend with this person, the more you will appreciate and respect him/her.LIBRA (AIR) SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 23 A great deal of your time is spent planning and thinking of how to improve your financial situation.
This week one or more pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and you will be able to see your mistakes from the past as well as the path you need to take in the future. An open and honest conversation with a sibling will help you put things in the proper perspective, as together you make a formidable team.
HINT: You have been feeling a lot more secure and confident, and now is the time to socialize. The contacts you make today will be very helpful in the weeks to come.
VIRGO (EARTH) AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! So much on your mind these days and the best you can do is take copious notes and make detailed lists.
In the next few weeks things will calm down, but for now you need to back up your computer and set aside some time to gather all the information you need. You may find that your social obligations are not only expensive, but are very time-consuming.
Plan wisely and try to be a bit more flexible.
HINT: Try to spend as much time as possible with people who you are comfortable with.
ARIES (FIRE) MARCH 21-APRIL 19 People living far away are near your heart, and you should begin making plans to travel as soon as possible.
You won’t need as much money as you originally thought, as family and friends prefer you stay with them this time. When thinking of the past, be as honest with yourself as possible – if you really want to understand what happened and learn how to move forward.
HINT: Pay attention to the needs of your partner and/or mate, especially in and around your home this week.
PISCES (WATER) FEBRUARY 19-MARCH Don’t let past errors hold you back or keep you from reaching your full potential. There is nothing you can do to change the past, but the future is yours for the taking.
A conversation with a young member of your family may not bring the results you wish, but keep the lines of communication open for as long as you can. Eventually this person will understand where you are coming from and just how much you care.
HINT: Money and finances are not as stressful as they were, but you still need to keep careful watch over your spending.
AQUARIUS (AIR) JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 You may discover that your intuition is higher than usual and now is the time to pay attention to what is not being said and to read between the lines. You have gained a great deal of experience over the past few months and soon will be able to put this knowledge to good use. Both your co-workers and your employers are aware of your dedication, hard work and loyalty and the atmosphere at work is one of co-operation and mutual respect.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are good days for entertaining at home.
CAPRICORN (EARTH) DECEMBER 22-JANUARY 19 Try to be patient with your partner and/or mate. Although the lines of communication between the two of you are always open, you simply are not always on the same page. This is one of those weeks when you need to give each other enough space to catch up. Major purchases are on your mind and before you finalize your plans, speak to an expert and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
HINT: Professionally you continue to forge ahead and although not everyone you work with is a friend, they do have immense respect for your work ethic and knowledge.
LEO (FIRE) JULY 23-AUGUST 22 Rather than get upset and angry over things you cannot control, take some of that energy and focus on things which bring you personal satisfaction. A conversation with a family member could turn into an argument, and a little space between you will do a lot to calm the waters and make way for an important discussion a few days from now. Always the first to reach out and lend a helping hand, this week you will have the opportunity to do something special for someone you especially care about.
HINT: Watch your spending and wherever possible postpone any major purchases.
CANCER (WATER) JUNE 22-JULY 22 The burst of energy you feel is just what you need to jumpstart your work on a project, which demands a great deal of attention to detail and a lot of creativity on your part. Money and finances are rather tight right now, and you will have to cut back a bit on socializing with friends. Instead of sitting in a restaurant, invite a few people you really care about for a light meal and great conversation at your house.
Everyone will be happy for the invitation.
HINT: The atmosphere between yourself and your partner and/or mate is more than pleasant these days.GEMINI (AIR) MAY 21-JUNE 21 This week you will need to take a good, hard look at your expenses and take more control over your spending. If you don’t have the cash on hand, then you cannot make any major or even minor purchases.
As the weeks progress, things will fall into place and that will be the time for being less frugal. A friend from the past is on your mind and even though you would like to renew contact, you know that really isn’t the best thing for either of you.
HINT: The middle of this week is a good time for doing a little work around the house.TAURUS (EARTH) APRIL 20-MAY 20 This is a wonderful week for getting things done and for tying up loose ends.
For quite some time you have been underestimating your own ability, and you will be happy to note that not only are you getting the job done, but you are managing to do it quickly and to your own level of perfection. When dealing with a sibling, try to give this person a little extra leeway – as they may need a kind word here and there.
HINT: By Monday of this week, you will be amazed at how much information you gain and just how creative you really can be!