2 suspects nabbed for Toulouse attack involvement

Police sources say men are suspected accomplices of terrorist Mohammed Merah who killed 7 people, among them 4 Jews.

French Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/France 2 Television)
French Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/France 2 Television)
PARIS – Two suspects were arrested on Tuesday near the city of Toulouse in southern France, where more than a year ago Islamist terrorist Mohammed Merah killed seven people, among them four Jews, before being shot dead in a standoff outside his apartment.
Police sources said Merah’s suspected accomplices are two men, aged 25 and 38. They were arrested early in the morning in the Toulouse area, each in his own apartment, by investigators who believe the men participated in the preparation of the series of deadly attacks that occurred over the course of several days in March 2012.
The first suspect was known to police for delinquency and drug trafficking.
He might have helped Merah in stealing the scooter he drove while committing the murders.
The second suspect is close to Merah’s brother, Abdelkader, who remains under arrest as a suspect.
Other suspects have been arrested but then released.
The investigators have looked for accomplices in France and outside the country, looking to see whether contributions were made in the form of logistics, financial or ideological.
French Interior Minister Manuel Valls rejected in January the “lone wolf” theory defended by the ex-chief of the central directorate of interior intelligence (DCRI) Bernard Squarcini, and of the ex-interior minister Claude Guéant.
During a memorial ceremony in Toulouse on March 17th, held for the first anniversary of the tragedy, President François Hollande promised to bring answers to the families of the victims.
“Could the tragedy have been avoided? Did Merah act alone or was he a member of a larger group? The answer must be given to the families and to the whole of France. I give my promise,” he said.