38 killed in tsunami on Indonesia's Java island

A two-meter high tsunami crashed into beach resorts and fishing villages along Indonesia's Java island Monday, killing at least 38 people, leaving many missing and sending thousands fleeing to higher ground in terror, witnesses and officials said. Regional agencies issued warnings that a 7.1-undersea quake was strong enough to send a killer wave steaming toward the country worst hit by the 2004 tsunami, but victims did not hear of them in time. "All the houses are destroyed along the beach," a woman who identified herself only as Teti told el-Shinta radio station. "Small hotels are completely destroyed and at least one restaurant was washed away." Rudi Bahro, a local lawmaker, told Metro TV at least 37 people were killed at Pangandaran and "the number is still going up." At least one other person died in Puring Bay, some 100 kilometers (60 miles) to the east, said district chief Rustriningsih, adding that another 19 were missing.