'Al-Qaida ready for prisoner swap with any party'

A purported al-Qaida commander in Afghanistan said in an audiotape released early Friday that the terror group was willing to swap prisoners with the US, Britain and other infidel countries. The audiotape, released by As-sahab, the al-Qaida media production wing, was titled "In confronting the war of prisons." It carried two still photos of a bearded man identified as Abu Laith al-Libi, wearing a black turban in one and a white Kaffiya in the other. Al-Qaida in Khorasan "announces its readiness to receive any Muslim captives exchanged with any party by any party," al-Libi, whose name means 'the Libyan' in Arabic, said in the 10-minutes tape. Al-Libi is a Libyan al-Qaida operative believed to be behind a suicide bombing that killed 23 people outside the main US base in Afghanistan during a February visit by US Vice President Dick Cheney.