Annan urges US, Europe to start talks with Iran

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Friday urged the United States to join with Europe to resume talks with Iran and to "lower the rhetoric" in the international standoff over Tehran's nuclear program. "I have asked all sides to lower the rhetoric and intensify diplomatic efforts to find a solution," Annan told reporters in the margins of an EU-Latin America summit. "Everyone, every important stakeholder should be at a table," Annan said. "I urge all parties to be open, come back to the table and find a solution." Annan said proposed talks between the European Union countries of Britain, Germany France with Iran, would be more productive if they included the United States. "I have insisted very clearly both in private in my contacts with the American administration and publicly that I think it's important that the United States come to the table, and that they should join the European countries and Iran to find a solution," the UN Secretary-General continued.