Auschwitz gas chambers survivor found murdered in NY apartment

Police arrest woman accused of killing 89-year-old Holocaust survivor in his Upper East Side home.

nyc survivor murder feliz brinkmann (photo credit: Courtesy of Richard 'Bo' Dietl)
nyc survivor murder feliz brinkmann
(photo credit: Courtesy of Richard 'Bo' Dietl)
New York City police officers have arrested a woman accused of killing an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor in his apartment on the Upper East Side. Guido Felix Brinkmann was found dead in his apartment on Thursday after he failed to show up for work as a building manager in the Bronx. Police found him lying facedown in his bed, his hands bound behind his back with a sheet. A spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office said he had been asphyxiated. On Sunday, police charged Angela Murray, 30, with murder and robbery in his death. According to investigators, Brinkmann's apartment had been ransacked and his car stolen, the Associated Press reported. The Honda Civic, with license plates reading FELIX B, was later found in the Bronx. After searching it for evidence, law officials focused on a man and a woman who went to Brinkmann's home late Thursday night. Investigators said Brinkmann frequently invited younger women home for sex, AP said. Brinkmann was the former owner of the Adam's Apple, a 1970's nightclub. During the Holocaust, he was sent to Auschwitz, where he said he evaded the gas chamber on four separate occasions. "Felix is one tough man who lived a life that people could only imagine going through," Richard Dietl, a private investigator and former police detective who was a friend of Brinkmann's since the 1970's, told The New York Times.