Authorities warn of more Pakistan floods

Photo gallery: Heavy rain lashes victims in makeshift camps.

pakistan flood 311 (photo credit: AP)
pakistan flood 311
(photo credit: AP)
PAKISTAN - Adding to the urgency of a massive international relief effort under way, authorities warned of more flooding this week in Pakistan as heavy rain lashed victims living in makeshift camps Monday.
Pakistan's worst floods in recorded history began more than two weeks ago in the mountainous northwest and have spread throughout the country. Around 20 million people and 160,000 square kilometers (61,776 miles) of land — about 1/5 of the country — have been affected.
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The scale of the disaster has raised concerns it could lead to political instability in the country, which is pivotal to US hopes of defeating al-Qaida and the Taliban, has a weak and unpopular government, and an anemic economy propped up by international assistance.