Bush to reaffirm commitment to Mideast peace

US President George W. Bush intends to reaffirm his commitment to Middle East peace and outline how the US can help the Palestinian leadership make the transition to a viable state that can exist with Israel, a White House aide said Sunday. In remarks planned Monday, Bush is seeking to bolster the embattled Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas. His Fatah Party now controls only the West Bank since Hamas took power in Gaza earlier this year. National security adviser Stephen Hadley said Bush would discuss US financial and diplomatic support for Abbas's PA. "The president sees there is an opportunity there now to show the Palestinian people a choice between the kind of violence and chaos under Hamas in Gaza and the prospect, under President Abbas and Prime Minister Saalem Fayad, for an effective democratic Palestinian state that can be on the way toward what we all want, which is a two-state solution, a Palestinian homeland for the Palestinian people," Hadley said.