California: Hundreds picket Israeli ship

Activists protest flotilla op, try to stop docking at Port of Oakland.

California protesters 311 AP (photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
California protesters 311 AP
(photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Hundreds of protesters condemning the IDF's recent raid on an international flotilla bound for Gaza picketed at the Port of Oakland on Sunday, where an Israeli ship was due to arrive.
The demonstrators gathered to prevent the incoming ship from being unloaded.
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The dock's day shift of longshoremen agreed to not cross the picket line.
The protest came as Israel said it would immediately allow all goods into Gaza except weapons and items deemed to have a military use under its decision to ease the three-year-old blockade.
The security cabinet had decided last week to ease the blockade under intense international pressure after the raid that killed nine pro-Palestinian activists.
The San Francisco Chronicle quoted Oakland police as saying that that there were no arrests.