Denmark detains two more suspects in terror probe

Two more people suspected of belonging to a terrorist network planning a suicide attack in Europe were arrested in Denmark, police said. The suspects, identified only as a man and a woman, were ordered held in custody on Saturday, a day after their arrest. The new suspects are accused of assisting four young Muslims arrested in Copenhagen on Thursday who police said were planning an imminent terror attack somewhere in Europe. The two new suspects were ordered jailed until Nov. 16 while police continue their investigation, the Politiken newspaper reported. Police spokesman Ole Schultz said the two are suspected of "assisting terror attempts," but did not give further details. Danish police said the four men arrested Thursday are linked to an investigation in Bosnia. Authorities there arrested a Turk, a Swede and a Bosnian in Sarajevo on Oct. 19-20 on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack. Police said they found explosives, firearms and other military equipment in connection with those arrests. The Bosnian has since been released.