EU to Iran: Resuming enrichment may doom aid

The European Union told Iran Saturday that if it resumes its uranium enrichment program, it may doom any further negotiations with the EU about economic aid and other issues. "The EU views with serious concern ... Iran's intention to resume suspended nuclear activities," EU foreign and security affairs chief Javier Solana said in a statement. "It urges Iran not to take this step ... at a moment when international confidence in the peaceful nature of (Tehran's nuclear) program is far from restored." The EU chided Iran for defying the international community when Britain, France and Germany - on the EU's behalf - were "exploring with Iran the possibility of a return to negotiations" about economic aid and other issues. A resumption of uranium enrichment "can only seriously jeopardize the possibility of a return to negotiations," the EU said. The goal of those talks would be to offer economic aid and trade opportunities in return for not resuming uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities.