Evangelical leaders urge unconditional support for Israel

Earl Cox: Anything less than total commitment of Israel is "unscriptural."

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star of david cross 88
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Two prominent evangelical Christian broadcasters are urging Christians to pledge "unconditional support" for the State of Israel. "Anything less than total commitment by Christians to Israel and the people God considers 'the apple of His eye' is unscriptural," Earl Cox told the Dove television network. "The formula for success is for Christians and Jews to lock hands together and speak with one voice against Palestinian fabrications which feed the appetite of the liberal media creating anti-Israel biases and fuel anti-Semitic attitudes." Echoing Cox's call, Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio Network co-host Ben Kinchlow called on Evangelical Christian leaders to "stand up and be counted among Israel's supporters - and don't be passive or lethargic about proclaiming your support." The remarks come at a time of burgeoning ties between Israel and the worldwide evangelical Christian community.