Former FBI, CIA agent suspected of ties to Hizbullah

A former agent for the FBI and CIA pleaded guilty Tuesday to faking a marriage to win US citizenship, clearing the way to being hired and given security clearances by the two intelligence agencies. Nada Nadim Prouty, 37, immigrated to United States from Lebanon in 1989. She was given US citizenship five years later and began working as a special agent at the FBI's field office in Washington in 1999, according to a criminal information sheet filed in US District Court in Detroit. While working as a special agent, Prouty improperly searched an FBI computer database for information about her relatives and links they might have to the Hizbullah terrorist organization, the criminal sheet showed. She joined the CIA in 2003 and resigned as part of her guilty plea Tuesday, officials said. There is no evidence that Prouty was working as a spy on Hizbullah's behalf, two government officials said.