German commandos storm neo-Nazi 'camp'

Standoff had ensued after owners of hotel housing camp run by holocaust denier tried to evict tenants.

neo-nazi us 224 88 (photo credit: AP [file])
neo-nazi us 224 88
(photo credit: AP [file])
A neo-Nazi "youth camp," which had been set up in a debt-ridden hotel in Germany by a leading Holocaust denier, was raided by German commandos on Tuesday, hours after a court in Lower Saxony had ordered the "campers" evicted, the Telegraph reported on Thursday. According to the report, Jürgen Rieger, a Hamburg lawyer, Holocaust denier and senior member of the far-right National Democratic Party, had signed an agreement in early July with the hotel whereby he was granted a 10-year lease on the facility. However, trouble ensued when the owner of the hotel opposed his plan to maintain a Nazi training center akin to the "Hitler Youth" camps in the building. In mid-July the owner, Jens Wilhelm, tried to order the neo-Nazis out of the hotel, the report stated. However, not only did they reject the demand, a group of their supporters stormed the building and refused to leave. Fears that the neo-Nazi tenants were armed alerted police and German commandos to the scene. A tense stand-off ensued, with the police both keeping guard over the building while simultaneously trying to prevent a clash between neo-Nazi supporters and anti-Nazi demonstrators who flocked to the area, the report stated. The incident ended when police stormed the hotel after hearing what they believed to be gunshots. The Telegraph reported that several fake firearms, a concealable truncheon and pepper spray were found in the building. Four minors who were part of the neo-Nazi camp were handed over to youth services following the raid. The remaining eight members were not arrested, and left the premises masked and hooded.