Goa: Israeli drug dealer suspect flees

Yaniv Benaim disappears from Indian prison after March arrest.

goa beach 248.88 courtesy (photo credit: Courtesy)
goa beach 248.88 courtesy
(photo credit: Courtesy)
PANAJI, India — An Israeli accused of being part of a drug ring involving Indian police has jumped bail and disappeared from the popular Indian tourist resort region of Goa, an Indian official reported Wednesday.
State Home Minister Ravi Naik said he ordered an inquiry into the disappearance of 36-year-old Yaniv Benaim, who has been missing for four weeks.
Benaim was arrested in March and charged with trafficking in narcotic drugs.
A court freed him on bail in June, but ordered him to stay in Goa to assist the police investigation into the case.
Naik said Wednesday that seven local police officers had been arrested so far in the case.
The police officer's involvement was exposed after a clip was published on the internet showing Benaim saying that he managed to sell drugs in Goa because he bribed police officers.
Benaim also boasted that he bribed the police commander and claimed that he sold drugs him drugs on a regular basis.