Got the oops like Jagger? Bianca Jagger sparks anti-Semitism row with Iraq War tweet

The human rights activist and former actress apologizes "for posting a despicable tweet by mistake."

Bianca Jagger (photo credit: REUTERS)
Bianca Jagger
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Twitter firestorm erupted after human rights activist and former actress Bianca Jagger shared a post Tuesday described as "racist, homophobic and disgusting" that included a list of British lawmakers who voted in favor of entering the Iraq War in 2003.
The 71-year-old said she was "mortified" in an apology issued after tweeting a link to the Metapedia website, described as an electronic encyclopedia.
According to British media, the ex-wife of famed rocker Mick Jagger claimed that she was unaware of the contents of the table of politicians that described many of the British parliamentarians who backed the Iraq War in anti-Semitic and derogatory terms.
Alongside the names of the politicians, the list included a "note" column that mentioned the purported ethnicity and sexual orientation of the MPs, labeling some as "Jew," Jewess," "openly homosexual," "negro" and "Judeo-negress hybrid," according to the British Telegraph.
The list also reportedly noted the connections of some UK lawmakers to pro-Israel groups such as the Labour Friends of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel.
Various British MPs fired back at Jagger with an onslaught of condemnation for the social media post.
Jagger, who is followed by some 54,000 Twitter users, later deleted the contested post and profusely apologized in multiple tweets "for posting a despicable tweet by mistake."
"I'm very sorry I posted a despicable tweet by mistake, I posted it at 4.15am without carefully reading its content," she tweeted Tuesday afternoon.
"I didn't carefully read the content of the website, I thought it was a straight forward list, not a racist, homophobic and disgusting list," wrote the Council of Europe Goodwill ambassador.
"Those who follow me know that I have posted thousands of tweets denouncing racism, bigotry, homophobia," she stressed.