Huckabee protests Washington results, looks to next Tuesday's primaries

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee snatched two wins over the weekend from presumptive party candidate John McCain, but he is crying foul after McCain's apparent victory in the Washington state caucuses. Huckabee's campaign released a statement Sunday saying it will be exploring all available legal options regarding the "dubious final results." McCain was announced as the victor in the Saturday caucuses with 26 percent of the vote to Huckabee's 24 percent. But Huckabee's campaign chairman, Ed Rollins, said Luke Esser, Washington's Republican Party chairman, chose to call the race too quickly for McCain. Rollins said Huckabee was losing by 242 votes with 87 percent of the vote counted. He said there were another 1,500 or so votes that were apparently not counted. "That is an outrage," Rollins said.