Iran renews offer to talk to US about Iraq

Iran has renewed its offer to talk about Iraq with its archenemy, the United States, because it is concerned about the escalating turmoil in the neighboring country, analysts say. But it may also be seeking to slow Washington's push for sanctions over Iran's nuclear program. The United States has yet to respond to the offer made Sunday by Iran's Foreign Ministry. The spokesman for the US Embassy in Baghdad, Mike McClellan, said he would have no comment until Washington had decided, adding that no preparations were under way for such talks. Leading opinion-makers on US foreign policy, including former Secretary of State James Baker, have urged Washington to talk to Iran about the conflict in Iraq, which is fast approaching a sectarian civil war. Iran first proposed such talks in March - breaking a taboo on direct negotiations with what it has long called "the Great Satan" - but weeks later it withdrew the offer, accusing America of trying to exploit the talks.