Israeli musician cancels Istanbul concert

Death threats, allegedly from flotilla-organizing IHH, lead Yuval Ron to cancel performance in Turkey.

Death threats, allegedly from the Turkish NGO that helped organize the 2010 Gaza protest flotilla, led to the cancellation of a concert in Istanbul by Oscar-winning Israeli musician Yuval Ron, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported on Friday.
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has denied making the threats, but confirmed that it did oppose the holding of the concert.
Ron, the leader of a musical ensemble that includes Muslim, Jewish and Christian artists, told Hurriyet on Friday, “I am very sorry, I had to cancel the concert because of the safety of my team members.
The cancellation of the concert will harm Turkey’s image in the world. But I want to return to Turkey and realize this concert [in the future],” said Ron, who won the 2007 Academy Award for Short Film for writing the music for West Bank Story.
The concert, which was scheduled for Thursday night in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet neighborhood, was canceled it because of threats from IHH, Hurriyet reported.