Israeli suspected of murder in US arrested at BG airport

Yvgeny Perchikov, charged with killing 2 women he was involved with in insurance fraud in New York, stopped while trying to leave Israel.

Police arrested an Israeli citizen suspected of murdering two women in the US, who was attempting to leave the country at Ben Gurion International Airport on Tuesday.
Yvgeny Perchikov was expected to be brought before a judge at Jerusalem Magistrate's Court to have his remand extended on Wednesday, until he is extradited to the US.
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Perchikov was charged with the murders, as well as insurance fraud in New York in 2009.
The suspect is accused of killing two women, Russian immigrants to the US, who each served as his partner at different times in his insurance fraud schemes.
He is suspected of killing one of the women in 2002 and the second woman two years later. Police believe Perchikov was trained as a doctor and used his knowledge to inject the women with a lethal chemical that cannot be detected in the body during an autopsy. Therefore, the two deaths appeared natural and Perchikov was able, in one of the incidents, to collect one million dollars on a life insurance policy he had put out on her.
The families of the two victims recognized that their loved ones were both girlfriends of Perchikov who had died under similar circumstances. The families subsequently filed lawsuits against Perchikov accusing him of murder.
His arrest at Ben Gurion Airport followed a short visit in Israel.