Italy: 3 Moroccans arrested for teaching 'terror'

Italian police arrested three Moroccans - an imam and two of his aides - on Saturday to break up a militant cell that they said used a mosque in the central city of Perugia as a "terror school." The group ran courses on hand-to-hand combat and used propaganda films and documents downloaded from the Internet to teach how to prepare poisons and explosives and how to pilot a Boeing 747, anti-terrorism police in Rome said in a statement. Officers seized barrels of chemical substances, including acids, nitrates and Ferro cyanide, that were found in the mosque's cellar and may have been used to experiment during the courses, police officials said. The activity at the mosque on the outskirts of the Umbrian capital also included weapons training, as well as instructions on how to lay an ambush, reach combat zones safely and send encrypted messages.