JPost US Elections Panel: Alon Pinkas

Alon Pinkas, Foreign relations expert & former Consul General of Israel in New York [ Biography ]
Obama on Israel, all over again? Is Obama less experienced than JFK was in 1960 or Bill Clinton in 1992? He is obviously less experienced than, say, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Yet he had reservations about Iraq that they refused to even entertain. Memo to the President-elect: The Middle East 2009 You can campaign in the Midwest without alluding to the Mideast, but you cannot govern in Washington that way. Obama is not 'bad for Israel? What's "pro-Israel" and who appointed anyone to cast judgment on the issue. Why do we care? Israel is not the 51st state in the Union nor is it, despite what people like me would make you believe, New York City's 6th borough.