JPost US Elections Republican Panel: Kory Bardash, Abraham Katsman and Marc Zell

Kory Bardash, Republicans Abroad Israel, Co-Chairman [ Biography ]
Obama supporters: Just ask yourself these few questions about Obama, and be honest with yourself about the answers. Note to Dems: Why McCain wins in Israel Some argue that Israel's security issues are somehow the fault of President Bush. Let's set the record straight. The great de-schlep-tion Fake Israeli support from Obama's propagandists. Oldest US voter abroad backs McCain She's 105, a lifelong Democrat, voting McCain, and she's not alone. Obama's Carter-esque reflexes His statements in response to the Russia/Georgia crisis may serve as nails in the coffin containing his hopes for a strong pro-Israel vote. Poses, not principles: Obama's pandering threatens America's strategic allies If you were President of the United States, how would you treat a staunch, lonely ally committed to liberal democracy and free markets-the only such country in an increasingly anti-American region? Obama goes to Shul: Calming American Democrats in Israel? Conversations with Democrats in Israel reveal significant discomfort with Obama's ascent. The meaning and aftermath of the Bush visit The President and the Republican Party are the closest friends Israel ever had in the United States.
Abraham Katsman, Counsel to Republicans Abroad Israel [ Biography ]
Democrats give Ahmadinejad a reason to smile Some friendly advice to our Obama-supporting friends: When your interests are aligned with those of Iran's President and Hitler-wannabe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it's time for some re-assessment of priorities. Obama's Mideast tour: Prepare to see it backfire Yet, for all its choreography and press accolades, the trip is likely to backfire by highlighting Obama's hubris, his foreign policy inexperience and his obstinacy regarding Iraq. A not-so-public man: the private character of John McCain Much of his sterling character remains largely unknown to the public. Obama's radical position on 'abortion' after birth Is he as moderate in deed as in word? Apparently not, at least judging by his record on a key sanctity-of-life issue. It is beyond extreme; it is jarring.
Marc Zell, Republicans Abroad Israel, Co-Chairman [ Biography ]
Obama's Jews: Yearning for Camelot A disturbing number of his advisors espouse decidedly pro-Arab views. Why McCain? He gets it! McCain gets it - he does not suffer from the disease of moral relativism in the current chapter of the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict. It's Barack Obama's advisers who concern me Obama has not even completed his first term in the Senate and his voting record is scant (a reply to Larry Derfner) Obama and the Jews A quick look at the facts should switch on a big red light in the minds of most people. Kurdistan, Palestine and the 2008 elections Voters must ask themselves whether the candidates understand the realities of the Middle East. Focus and fortitude in a dangerous world Nearly every one of the Democratic contenders embraces an idyllic, even naive view of global conflict that bodes ill for the world at large and for Israel in particular.