Kyrgyz man severely beaten by Russian skinheads

A group of skinheads severely beat a Kyrgyz man on a commuter train outside Moscow, the latest in a wave of attacks in on dark-skinned foreigners in Russia, police officials said Tuesday. Chingiz Kailypov, 23, from Kyrgyzstan, was on a commuter train to Moscow on Sunday night when about 20 young men with closely cropped hair and wearing heavy boots started beating him with metal bars, said Tatyana Agapova, spokeswoman for Moscow region transport police. Agapova said that if other passengers had not rushed to Kailypov's rescue, he could have been beaten to death. Kailypov suffered a brain injury and facial bone fractures and remains unconscious in a hospital. Eleven of the attackers, all Moscow students, were detained on the spot and a criminal investigation has begun, Agapova said. Russia has experienced a marked rise in hate crimes against dark-skinned foreigners, Jews and immigrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. This year, 39 people have been killed in apparent hate crimes and a further 308 attacked, according to the Sova rights center, which monitors xenophobia.