LA hotelier condemns anti-Semitism, ducks protest

After jury assesses $1.6 million damage on hotel for tossing out Jewish group, manager agrees to fund 2 pro-Israel causes.

Santa Moniva's Hotel Shangri-La 390 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Santa Moniva's Hotel Shangri-La 390
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A co-owner of Santa Monica's Hotel Shangri-La managed to head off a protest planned for Sunday by the Zionist Organization of America by agreeing to donate to Jewish and Israeli causes, the LA Times reported Saturday.
According to the report, the protest was planned after a jury found that hotel executive Tehmina Adaya had discriminated against a Jewish group holding a fundraiser in the hotel.
On August 15, the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Santa Monica found Adaya, a Pakistani-born Muslim, in violation of 18 plaintiff's civil rights for ordering them to remove their materials from the hotel during a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces pool party.
While the hotel said it plans to appeal the jury's assessed damages of over $1.6 million, Adaya reached out to the ZOA to make amends over the issue.
"I care deeply about the hurt, anger and misunderstanding that has resulted, and I want the Jewish and pro-Israel community to know I condemn anti-Semitism," Adaya said Friday in a statement, according to the Times.
She also promised to pay $3,600 each to the Tzahal Disabled Veterans Organization and the Koby Mandel Foundation, which assists the families of terror victims, and host a private pro-Israel event at the hotel.
ZOA national vice chairman Steve Goldberg told the Times he was satisfied with Adaya's actions. "To me this is humbling herself whether she means it or not," he said.