Malaysia evacuates 100,000 after flood

Speedboats and helicopters delivered aid to evacuees from floods across southern Malaysia on Tuesday, with around 100,000 people still seeking refuge at shelters after being forced out of their homes, officials said. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, meanwhile, was set to visit the flood-stricken state of Johor, officials said. Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak announced late Monday the government would double the amount of compensation given to victims by another 200 ringgit (US$57; €44) while those who have lost household items would be given 500 ringgit (US$142; €110) to restart their lives once they return home. Flood operations duty supervisor Lim Kok Khim said 97,083 victims were in relief centers Tuesday morning. "Police, the military and other government agencies are rushing to send as much aid as possible," he told national broadcaster RTM.