Mia Farrow faces off with Cambodian police

Cambodian police blocked American actress Mia Farrow from holding a genocide memorial ceremony Sunday at a Khmer Rouge prison, at one point forcefully pushing her group away from a barricade. The Cambodian government had barred the ceremony several days ago and police Sunday sealed off all roads leading to the Khmer Rouge's infamous Tuol Sleng prison, which is now a genocide museum in the capital, Phnom Penh. The American actress and seven other activists arrived at one of the barricades, about 150 meters from the museum's gate and refused to go away, linking their arms in a human chain. "Our goal today was to deliver these flowers in deepest respect ... to honor those who have perished here in Cambodia and in Darfur and in all genocides everywhere," Farrow told the police and journalists, holding a bunch of white lotus flowers, a traditional offering for the dead.