Moles removed from US president's face are benign

The two moles removed from President George W. Bush's left temple were found to be noncancerous, the White House said Saturday. The skin growths were removed Friday during a brief procedure performed at the White House. It took just a day for tests to show the moles were benign, said White House spokesman Alex Conant. Bush has had several lesions removed before: a precancerous lesion on his left arm in August, a noncancerous skin growth on his neck in July 2005, small lesions from his left shoulder and face in 2004, and others from his face in December 2001. None has been cancerous, but the president has regular checkups to guard against any lesions advancing to a more dangerous stage. This time, Bush noticed one of the new moles and showed it to his doctor, who recommended that it and a second mole be removed.