Poland's new PM says country will pull out of Iraq next year

Poland's new prime minister outlined ambitious plans for the next four years in his inaugural address, saying that he plans to withdraw troops from Iraq next year and push for the quick adoption of the Euro. In a three-hour speech to parliament, Donald Tusk laid out a vision for the country that includes more capitalism - privatization, tax cuts and simplifying business laws - to bolster the economy of this ex-communist country, and a stronger emphasis on relations with the European Union, NATO and nations close to home. A confidence vote on his government, originally set for Friday evening, was postponed until Saturday morning after debates by lawmakers dragged on. The government was expected to easily pass the vote - a routine step all new governments must face - given that Tusk's coalition, composed of his pro-business Civic Platform party and the centrist Polish People's Party, has 240 votes in the 460-member lower house.