Polish parties resume deadlocked coalition talks

Poland's two main center-right parties revived negotiations Sunday on forming a coalition after a four-day stalemate that raised the prospect of a minority government. Leaders of Law and Justice, which won the most seats in last month's parliamentary election, met with runner-up Civic Platform in Gdansk on Sunday evening, party officials told The Associated Press. TVN24 private television showed Prime Minister-designate Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz and Civic Platform leader Donald Tusk leaving the meeting after several hours without a statement. Marcinkiewicz was slated to appear on public television later in the evening. A spokesman for the pro-market Civic Platform left open whether the talks could result in it joining a coalition or supporting a minority administration that Law and Justice had threatened to announce on Monday. Whether Marcinkiewicz presents a Cabinet list to President Aleksander Kwasniewski as planned on Monday morning "depends on today's talks," Law and Justice spokesman Adam Bielan said. "Today, there definitely won't be an agreement, but there could be a breakthrough," Bielan told AP. "Marcinkiewicz must soon present the president the government, and we constantly hope that it will be a coalition government."