Polls: Majority in US against mosque

'Time': 24% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim.

Ground zero 311 (photo credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
Ground zero 311
(photo credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
According to a new Time magazine poll published Thursday, 61 percent of Americans are opposed to the construction of an Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. Only 26% of respondents came out in support of the building project, with more than 70% agreeing that proceeding with the plan would be an insult to the memories of 9/11 victims and their families.
Interestingly, 24% of those polled also believed that US President Barack Obama is a Muslim, while only 47% acknowledge that he is a Christian.
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Obama came out in support of the developer's constitutional right to build a mosque on the site.It appears that the local residents of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero aren't happy with the decision to build there as well.
A Sienna College poll cited by the Associated Press on Thursday found that 63% of registered New York voters were opposed to the Cordoba House project, with only 27% supporting it.
Sixty-four percent of New York registered voters agreed that the site developers have a constitutional right to build a mosque on the site, with half of those, nevertheless, still opposed to the building project.
Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed rejected altogether the notion that the developers have a constitutionally protected right to build an Islamic community center near on the proposed site.
The poll's results are consistent with a CNN/Opinion Research poll last week that found that 70% Americans were opposed to the planned project, while 29% support it.