Rice urges to support Bush on Iraq troop increase

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday it would be a mistake for Congress to micromanage the Iraq war, and encouraged lawmakers to support US President George W. Bush's troop increase. "I would hope that Congress would recognize that it's very important for them to have the oversight role," Rice said. "But when it comes to the execution of policy in the field, there has to be a clear relationship between the commander in chief and the commanders in the field." Many Democrats, now the majority party on Capitol Hill, are unhappy with Bush's plan to send more US troops to try to quell the violence in Baghdad. They are considering several options, including revoking Congress' 2002 vote authorizing the invasion of Iraq. Another proposal under consideration would limit US troops to fighting al-Qaida terrorists, training the Iraqi security forces, maintaining Iraq's borders and pulling out combat forces. Rice said it would be a major mistake to disrupt the chain of command.