Sri Lanka tightens security after suicide blast

Sri Lanka will implement new security measures throughout the country after a suicide bombing killed 14 people and critically wounded a Cabinet minister, the government said Wednesday. Media Minister Anura Yapa said the attack in the southern town of Akuressa, 160 kilometers south of Colombo, showed that even regions far from the civil war raging in the north are vulnerable to terror attacks. "No one believed that this kind of attack could take place in a remote area like Akuressa," he said. "Definitely, police will implement new security measures to prevent these kinds of attacks." He did not elaborate on what the new security measures would entail, saying that senior police officials would decide. The suicide bomber targeted six Cabinet ministers as they led a religious procession Tuesday morning. The blast, blamed on Tamil Tiger separatist rebels, came as government forces battled for the last rebel stronghold in the north and appeared poised to defeat the group after more than 25 years of civil war.