Student Federation leader Itay Shonshine resigns

National Student Federation chairman Itay Shonshine, who ran the fiery student strike last year, announced his resignation on Sunday. In a three page letter to his colleagues, he said a leader "has to know when to move on", and cited damage to his studies as the primary reason for the move. But union activists said Sunday afternoon that a far likelier motivation was a motion by the leaders of the student unions - which make up the federation - to demote him over allegations of severe misconduct and mishandling of student funds. The vote over the motion was supposed to have taken place next week. Following a Maariv expose in January, a complaint was launched by former federation activists with the police against the student chief. Among their charges was cronyism (including the appointment of his personal lawyer and accountant to oversee Federation business negotiation and reviews), as well as using student union funds to pay for a Bar Mitzva present. Shonshine denied the allegations.