Swedish anti-Semitism satire clip a hit

Swedish anti-Semitism sa

An Israeli satirical video posted on the Internet became a hit in the very countries it criticizes. The video was produced and posted by latma, a Website criticizing Israeli and international media outlets. It was produced in the wake of a report by the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet which alleged that the IDF harvests organs of Palestinians killed in conflict for transplant in Israeli patients. The writer of the report has since admitted he had no way of ascertaining its veracity. Israel called the Aftonbladet report a "new blood libel." Last week, Norway announced its divestment from Elbit, an Israeli Hi Tech manufacturer which is a world leader in the defense industry. Norway announced it would divest from Elbit because of the company's work on the security barrier in the West Bank. The announcement infuriated Israel, which learned of the divestment from a press statement, and Israeli officials said it was made in an "undiplomatic" fashion. [Article continues below clip] After only two days on the air, the above clip was picked up by the leading newspaper in Sweden, DN.se, and by Swedish and Norwegian bloggers. The clip has over 10,000 views and 500 comments, and Shlomo Blass, who runs the latma Web site it was initially posted on, said the success is overwhelming. "We were surprised by how quickly the clip took-off, we must have hit a sensitive nerve," he said. Many of the some 500 comments on the blog are anti-Israel and there are more than a handful of anti-Semitic and Neo-Nazi comments as well. Although Blass posted an item on latma calling on people to respond, he doesn't seem to be disturbed by the comments. "It is good that people see the true faces of the so-called enlightened and Liberal Europeans who criticize us while turning a blind eye to real human rights abusers. Secondly, the idea was to get them angry and this is a sign of success," he said.