Swedish police release suspect in 1985 murder of defected Iraqi agent

A 57-year-old man suspected as an accomplice in the 1985 murder of an Iraqi defector in Sweden has been released for lack of evidence, Chief Prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand said Wednesday. Lindstrand said the Swede, who is of Iraqi origin, and whose name was withheld under Swedish privacy rules, was set free on Friday, about five weeks after his arrest in late November. "We've questioned 20 to 30 witnesses, probably more, but we're not getting any further," Lindstrand told The Associated Press. "What we have is not enough for prosecution." The man had been suspected of having helped an Iraqi woman lure the victim, Majid Hussein, to a Stockholm hotel room where he was killed in early January 1985. His dismembered body was found in two suitcases on the outskirts of the Swedish capital about two months later.