Thousands evacuated from Warsaw University as WWII bomb found

Police evacuated about 2,000 people from a southwestern Polish city Wednesday after road workers discovered a World War II bomb, officials said. Another 1,000 people - students, professors and employees - were evacuated from Warsaw University when authorities found a hand grenade, mortar shell and other ammunition, university chancellor Jerzy Pieszczurykow said. Unexploded WWII ordnance is still found frequently in Poland more than 60 years after the war ended. At Warsaw University, explosives experts removed the munitions found during a search of the school grounds. The search was arranged after gardners found a mortar round under the lawn in October. In the city of Wroclaw, bomb experts were digging out the 1-ton bomb found, before taking it to a testing range for detonation, Wroclaw police spokesman Krzysztof Zaporowski said. He said the bomb was found during road works.