Town hosting G-8 ensures Hitler no longer citizen

The northern town of Bad Doberan is pretty sure Adolf Hitler is no longer an honorary citizen, but it wants to make absolutely sure before US President George W. Bush, Chancellor Angela Merkel and other G-8 leaders meet there this summer. Though there is no surviving documentation of Hitler's honorary citizenship - which technically would, in any case, have ended with the Nazi leader's death in 1945 - Mayor Hartmut Polzin said a motion to have it revoked would be presented at the next town council meeting. Polzin added that, in general, all Nazi leaders who had been given such honors had had them nullified after World War II. Bad Doberan became part of communist East Germany after the war. Leaders of the G-8 group of industrial nations, of which Germany currently holds the presidency, are to meet this June in the seaside resort of Heiligendamm, which is part of the greater Bad Doberan area.