UK: Muhammad cartoon protest organizer charged

The organizer of an angry rally against the prophet Muhammad cartoons was charged Friday night with arranging it without notifying authorities in writing, police said. Another man was charged with soliciting to murder. The first man, Anjem Choudary, 39, organized the February 3 rally in which some 400 demonstrators walked from the Central London Mosque to London's Danish Embassy. The cartoons, which many Muslims see as insulting to their faith, were first published in newspapers in Denmark in September. Placards seen at the protest carried slogans including "Europe your 9/11 will come," "behead the one who insults the prophet," "be prepared for the real Holocaust" and "massacre those who insult Islam." The second man charged Friday is Abdul Muhid, 18, who was accused of two counts of soliciting to murder, a Metropolitan Police official said on customary condition of anonymity.