Under 100 vehicles torched overnight in France

France returned to what police called a "totally normal situation" overnight after three weeks of unrest, with fewer than 100 vehicles torched. The calm returned after parliament Wednesday extended a 12-day state of emergency for three months, until mid-February, to combat the worst civil unrest in four decades. "It is a return to a totally normal situation," police said while communicating the overnight figures - 98 vehicles burned and 33 people detained around the country. Those detained included people caught carrying firebombs and youths breaking curfews in some of the towns where movement at night has been limited. A night earlier, 163 vehicles were torched. A total of 9,071 vehicles have been set afire since the violence began October 27. At the height of the unrest, youths burned 1,408 vehicles across France in one night, on Nov. 6, and shots were fired at police.