US Representative Garrett proposes resolution to condemn Kassam attacks

US Representative Scott Garrett (R- NJ) proposed a resolution Wednesday, condemning the ongoing Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilian communities. "Since January 1st of this year, terrorists have fired more than 420 rockets and mortar shells at Israeli communities like Sderot and Ashkelon. Residents of these areas have suffered egregious damage and casualties. The quality of life of the Israeli people has dramatically decreased in these targeted areas. It is critical that Congress work to help the peace-loving people of Israel and the Palestinian territories end these aggressive actions," Garrett said. In a statement, Garrett went on to say that he would "continue to fight" to ensure that terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are held responsible for launching such attacks, and further that countries like Iran and Syria that support these terrorist are held accountable too. "The United States and the global community should embrace Palestinians who reject all forms of terrorism and who desire to live in peace," he said.