US to block assets of US-based Islamic group

The Bush administration moved on Tuesday to isolate a Lebanese organization financially for allegedly funneling money to bankroll Hizbullah's terror. The Treasury Department's action, which covers the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, or IRSO, means any assets belonging to the group found in the United States must be frozen. Americans also are prohibited from contributing to the organization. Hizbullah uses the organization to solicit donations to support terror, the department alleged. Treasury said the group solicits money for the Lebanese Shiite militia and political party through advertisements aired on Hizbullah's al-Manar TV station, which was put on the government's asset-blocking list this year. "Solicitation materials distributed by IRSO inform prospective donors that funds will be used to purchase sophisticated weapons and conduct operations," Treasury said. "Indeed, donors can choose from a series of projects to contribute to, including, supporting and equipping fighters and purchasing rockets and ammunition."