'US won't make Israel disclose nukes'

US wont make Israel di

US President Barack Obama will not pressure Israel to publicly disclose its suspected nuclear weapons program, nor will he pressure the Jewish state to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, the Washington Times reported on Friday. According to unnamed officials quoted by the paper, the understanding between Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was reached during the first meeting between the two leaders at the White House in May. The Times reported that there had been concern in Israel that the US president would renege on a 1969 agreement between Jerusalem and Washington, because of his focus on the Iranian nuclear threat, and his push for nonproliferation. Speaking to Channel 2 last week, Netanyahu seemingly made reference to the nuclear understanding, stating that when Obama mentioned nuclear nonproliferation in his speech to the UN General Assembly, he was referring to North Korea and Iran, rather than Israel. The Times also quoted an unnamed Senate staffer as saying that Obama had given Israel an "NPT treaty get out of jail free card."